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Spectra Constructions

A close analysis of current lifestyle trends reflect that customers are seeking an experience which goes beyond luxury when it comes to buying a home. What they want is the perfect balance of features and technology, optimal space, customizability and comfort at an affordable price. 

In short, a complete living experience.

A design-centric philosophy drives us to create joyful and meaningful living experiences for our customers. These are experiences born out of the physical structure of the apartments, the attention given to detail and the very crafting of the home. Design works as the catalyst, enabling us to make the right choices in terms of creating layouts and experiential homes.

"Experience the joy of living, built by design at Spectra.

Spectra Constructions
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Handpicked Locations

At Spectra, locations are handpicked after a detailed analysis of lifestyle needs and the availability of various physical, urban, and social utilities. This includes access to physical infrastructure such as commutable roads, power & water supply and sanitation facilities. Proximity to urban utilities such as work areas, banks and ATMs, bus stops, railway stations etc. and access to social infrastructure spanning educational institutions, healthcare facilities, parks and open spaces, recreational facilities, restaurants, shopping centers etc. are given equal importance. Living in well-connected at easily accessible locations ensure that our residents enjoy access to everything they could possibly need.


Holistic Living Experiences

A home is not just a roof on your head but an ecosystem where you can live, thrive and grow. Our homes are strategically planned to provide natural light, fresh air, ample circulation, a good balance of public and private spaces and smart storage to create a holistic living experience that is far greater than the sum of individual components. This philosophy is captured in each project where the focal point is community. Each day is filled with the laughter of children playing or the elderly taking leisurely strolls and residents sharing culture, experiences and meaningful interactions. This nurturing community becomes your sanctuary, where you create, cherish and treasure every moment.


Comfort and Convenience

Spectra homes are equipped to deal with the expected and the unexpected, so that residents can live in comfort and convenience with ample peace of mind. Whether it is extra storage space for household items, toilets for support staff or backup generators for sudden power outage, services and facilities are provided for it all. Multiple dwelling units are created after meticulous zoning and planning to ensure that you can enjoy the privacy of your very own space. Ensuring safety is of paramount importance we address every safety detail in the common areas, staircases, balconies etc. to ensure that they are safe and child friendly. In addition, we also provide ample amenities to enhance the living experience. Convenience and comfort are an integral part of our projects.

Spectra Constructions

"Celebrate life at your home.

Spectra Constructions

"Built to stand the tests of time.

Engineering Expertise

Well planned is well executed, only when you have the best engineering practices. At Spectra, we take pride in our engineering DNA and the experience of having executed several world class projects. Every partner, from our architects, engineers, consultants, material vendors to our in-house construction team commit themselves to the highest quality standards. Needless to say, we deploy best engineering practices to ensure that our projects can cater to the needs of present and future customers. 

Skilled Craftsmanship

Superior quality craftsmanship goes into the creation of every Spectra home. Keen attention is given to every element, from the detailing, to appropriate materials, and the best of brands and fixtures to achieve perfection at all levels in our projects. A dedicated team of highly skilled craftsmen look at every aspect of your home sensitively, with architectural precision and an artist’s eye for beauty. This ensures that quality at every stage of the construction process is monitored, fine-tuned and crafted from planning to execution.

Quality and Sustainability

Every Spectra home is built for quality and sustainability. From selecting the right quality of sand, cement and steel, best quality electrical and plumbing fittings, to flooring, fixtures and finishes, we take a 360o approach towards every home. We keep a watchful eye on environmentally friendly construction practices. Green construction methods enable us to achieve energy efficiency, minimize water usage, balance manpower with technology, maintain a low carbon footprint and be socially responsible. Rainwater harvesting enables us to give back what we take from nature. Blending best quality and sustainable practices, Spectra homes are built to last.

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"Design in every detail.

Spectra Constructions

Space Planning

The fundamentals of our space planning are anchored around user-centric design, backed by research and a deep understanding of the needs of the customer. Accurate planning of spaces from micro to macro scale is the essence of our projects; starting with the masterplan, living areas, sleeping areas, wet areas, common areas, service areas, utilities, landscaping to the recreational spaces and other ancillary spaces are crafted with care. Spectra homes seamlessly blend indoor and outdoor areas, creating the ideal balance between built and unbuilt spaces. Every element is planned considering the diverse age groups and needs of our residents, from the lobbies, driveways, basements, parapets and staircases, services and utilities and safety requirements for each project. Planning with precision allows us to design quality homes and achieve perfection.

Integrated Design Approach

Projects are designed mindfully by analyzing contemporary and projected lifestyle trends, and constructed using innovative practices and latest technologies. An integrated design approach is deployed in each project, which looks at functionality and form. A collaborative effort by architects, designers, engineers, consultants, and our in-house team works, to give equal priority to the structural, aesthetic and functional aspects of each home. This leads to a design driven construction ecosystem with strong synergy between skills, processes and technology to deliver homes that satisfy modern living needs.

Innovative and Timeless

A continuous and determined focus towards innovation drives us at each stage of the design process. This innovation is the key to cater to today’s dynamically evolving lifestyle trends. From selecting the right locations, to creating project concepts, masterplans and unit plans and selecting finishing materials, each stage is handled by analyzing global design, construction and lifestyle trends. Keeping in-touch with these contemporary and evolving trends while continuing our simple design aesthetic and high quality construction makes sure that our projects are innovative and yet have timeless appeal.

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